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  • John Love (Wednesday, October 25 23 09:54 am EDT)

    I want to thank you for the awesome photos that you've taken over the years at the Bobcat Pride Cruise In. We really appreciate your time!

  • Kris~Mrs. Washboard! (Tuesday, October 03 23 04:13 pm EDT)

    I love when we get to see you~such a kind, fun Guy! Thank you for sharing your passion! You're amazingly fab'! Altho' you make me embarrassed to take pix of my own~~eeek!~it does help to get tips from you! Thanx! & thank you for the fantastic pix of my Soul~Mate~Johnny Washboard! Rock~on!

  • Therese Reichardt (Sunday, April 09 23 09:05 pm EDT)

    You're a very talented man. Your photography is flawless. You inspire me to become a better photographer. I can see the your passion in each photo I've seen. They're amazing! Keep taking those fabulous photos! Hands down one of the best photographers! 👏

  • Karen Brewer (Friday, April 07 23 08:02 pm EDT)

    You are good.

  • Karen Palazzola (Friday, April 07 23 05:55 pm EDT)

    Your photos always amaze me. You have an eye for things I would have just past by. Your photos are totally amazing. Your time and talent photographying charity events brings smiles to all who see them.

  • Krista James (Friday, April 07 23 05:51 pm EDT)

    I love seeing all your photos. They’re amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

  • Shirley Moore2 (Friday, April 07 23 04:54 pm EDT)

    GREAT art! You have an eye for seeing the world in a in a beautiful way and love to share it with us. Thank you

  • Linda Pope (Friday, April 07 23 12:21 pm EDT)

    Amazing photos!

  • Charlene Earlywine (Friday, April 07 23 12:12 pm EDT)

    I have enjoyed your photos for years. Thanks for posting them

  • Jane Mash (Friday, April 07 23 10:39 am EDT)

    I'm very impressed with all your work!
    I really love your 4 seasons compilation 😍
    Great job!

  • Andi M. (Friday, April 07 23 08:48 am EDT)

    One of my favorite photographers! Very talented! Also one of the nicest, most genuine individuals around!

  • Will Solomon (Friday, April 07 23 07:45 am EDT)

    I admire all of your work Scott. You are amazing photographer.

  • Kim Rhives (Friday, April 07 23 07:19 am EDT)

    I absolutely love all of your pictures! My favorites are the flowers also the moon photos!

  • Tina Berding (Friday, April 07 23 06:55 am EDT)

    I love your pictures! I look forward to your adventures.

  • Mary Norbut (Friday, April 07 23 12:03 am EDT)

    I don’t want to miss seeing any of your pictures.

  • Tammy Woods (Thursday, April 06 23 11:31 pm EDT)

    I love looking at your photos, you capture so many different views from Old Barns, Trucks, have an amazing talent keep up the awesome job

  • Karen Palazzola (Thursday, April 06 23 11:28 pm EDT)

    You do Amazing photography! Your eye and imagination to see what you want to portray is astonishing. Your time and talent to do many non profits show what a great job you do.

  • Deb Kreienheder (Thursday, April 06 23 10:42 pm EDT)

    Scott, there are so many positive adjectives to could be used to express my thoughts of your photos. Most times I find they are incredible.

  • Diana Boyer (Thursday, April 06 23 10:21 pm EDT)

    You capture the Most Beautiful Moments, their breathtaking keep up the good work

  • Dianel Harmon (Thursday, April 06 23 10:18 pm EDT)

    Your photos are always amazing. You are truly talented.

  • Mary Barrow (Thursday, April 06 23 10:07 pm EDT)

    Excellent photographer

  • Ray Roberson (Thursday, April 06 23 10:01 pm EDT)

    Sscott,your photos are Seco d to none,keep up your great work

  • Peg (Thursday, April 06 23 09:41 pm EDT)

    You are an awesome photographer.

  • Paula Coleman (Thursday, April 06 23 09:29 pm EDT)

    You’re pictures are always amazing

  • Janet Toben (Thursday, April 06 23 09:29 pm EDT)

    I always enjoy seeing Scott’s photography, whether it is nature, stills, people, etc He has incredible talent. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

  • Joshua Thurn (Thursday, April 06 23 09:01 pm EDT)

    Talented and an amazing friend. He always captures what he sees. I enjoy his photography and want to spend time with him again someday at Nature Shaw nature reserve.

  • Joan Treis (Thursday, April 06 23 08:24 pm EDT)

    Scott is an amazing photographer with a keen eye for unusual captures. His dedication to his art has won him prestigious awards. From portraits to nature studies to classic cars, each photo is worthy of mat and frame.

  • betty blake (Thursday, April 06 23 08:19 pm EDT)

    love your photos.

  • Andrea (Thursday, April 06 23 08:16 pm EDT)

    Love and appreciate your Amazing Photography and wonderful support and Love and appreciate you too Scott! Thank you for all you do for The Fore Honor Foundation's Mission and Vision of Honor, Respect, Healing and Wellness for All who Serve, Protect, Defend and Sacrifice.
    Our Military, Our Veterans and Police, Fire and Rescue.

  • Chris McKalip (Thursday, April 06 23 08:10 pm EDT)

    Awesome awesome pictures of All things of life , nature, family, freedom, cars ,friends an more

  • Michael Rutledge (Thursday, April 06 23 07:57 pm EDT)

    I love so much of your work and also think of you when I see something that I know you would love to get pics of.

  • Kelli Waldo (Thursday, April 06 23 07:41 pm EDT)

    Thank you for photographing so many Relay for Life events and so many survivors over the years. We were so lucky to have you to preserve the memories. You have an amazing talent (and patience) for capturing unique and unusual perspectives; I always look forward to seeing your take on anything you decide to protograph.

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